Chuck and Kathleen Cline

“In 2010 we realized that our seventeen year old home needed some remodeling, and at our age, we decided to work with a contractor. We scouted around and chose to use Tuscany Builders; owned by Bob Buckley. We found Bob to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of the building trade. We have been more than pleased with the work Bob has done and the work of the sub contractors that are employed by him; which consisted of painters, tilers, elctricians, plumbers, and carpet installers. Bob supervised all of the work that the sub contractors did and made sure that the quality was up to his standards. Bob communicated very well with us on all of the projects, what the prices would be and the sub contractors came in at those prices. He is still working for us on some projects right now and we would recommend him very highly to anyone looking for a contractor. It has been a real pleasure to have him as our contractor and has taken a load off of us during this time he has been updating our home.”