Brad & Renae Morris

“Tuscany Builders did a major remodeling of our home. Bob Buckley’s main concern was to achieve the result that we wanted, and he made it a matter of personal pride. He did high-quality work, and he was not satisfied unless things were done to the highest standard. He carefully supervised and checked the work of his subcontractors, and whenever their work did not meet his standards, he did not hesitate to require it to be re-done. We are very pleased with the result.

One of the things we appreciated most about Bob was the way that he would think through and find creative solutions to difficult remodeling problems in order to achieve the specific results we wanted. He was always willing to spend whatever time it took to answer our questions and explain what he was doing and why it was necessary. He was always concerned about expense, and he gave us options about various things that could be done, various ways they could be done, and the amount of expense that would be involved with each option.

In addition, Bob was very pleasant to deal with, and we enjoyed having him in our home. We highly recommend Bob Buckley Jr. from Tuscany Builders Inc.”