Brad Carr

“I met Bob after interviewing about about a dozen general contractors. They all give you the same pitch about “watch out for low-ball bids” and “the construction industry is crazy right now” blah blah blah. I was building a large custom home. It has an indoor sport court, secrete tunnels, etc. Needless to say, I needed someone who knew what they were doing. Bob is the reason I did not go crazy. I cannot think of a single instance on the entire project when Bob did not meet a deadline he said he would meet. There were things on my plans that looked great on paper but did not make sense once constructed. Bob readily pointed out concerns and treated the project as if he were building his own home. Even though he relied on sub contractors, he was at my house almost every single day checking in on his guys and making sure they were getting the job done right.

Let me tell you about Bob staying ON BUDGET. With only one exception, Bob’s final invoice came in at or below budget. The one exception was not Bob’s fault at all. My lot had had a ton of fill dirt and South Jordan City made me dig down a few extra feet and bring in gravel. Funny enough, before we even dug the hole, Bob told me that he was concerned the lot I bought had a ton of fill dirt and that it might be a problem. Bob would get several bids from different subs, and would negotiate down the price. Even though our contract was a cost plus, Bob went out of his way to get the price as low as he could.

The finished project is phenomenal. The intricate work Bob did turned out perfect. I do not have one single bad thing to say about my project.

I hope I never have to build a home again, but if I do, there is only one general contractor in Utah I would uses. Thanks Bob. We love our home.”