Real Estate

real estate agentAre you planning on selling your Utah home in the near future? Then you need a reliable real estate firm with proven success throughout central Utah.

There’s none better suited to the job than Tuscany Builders, professional real estate agents, and building contractors. We are here to serve you, whether that means providing advice on a potential deal or facilitating the transaction.

You can count on Tuscany Builders for buying and selling assistance in Northern Utah.

Everything You’re Looking for in an Real Estate Agent

If you could describe your idea of a perfect real estate agent, what would you say? You’d probably emphasize that you want someone able to spot problems in a property you’re looking at, saving you money and heartache. If a house you have your eye on has a major issue with the foundation, you don’t want to find out about it six months after you close.

You also might want an agent who knows how renovations can transform a property. This type of agent can tell you which walls are load bearing and which you can easily knock down. You want to know what’s possible, and you want an accurate estimate before you buy a fixer-upper.

With the Tuscany Builders’ wide knowledge and in-depth construction experience, you get all that and more. We can help you steer clear of problematic properties and save your cash for the diamond in the rough — and we’ll help you find that diamond too.
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Know How to Sell and When to Buy

Construction combined with real estate knowledge is particularly helpful when you’re trying to renovate a home you want to put on the market. If you invest thousands in a home addition, will you see a high return on investment?

It’s also beneficial to have an expert with tried-and-true experience on hand when you’re looking to buy an already-renovated home. Was the renovation done correctly?

Tuscany Builders provides answers to these questions, giving our clients the information they need to make an informed real estate decision on properties throughout central Utah, and beyond. On top of all that, we will help you negotiate a killer deal as well.

Trust Our Expertise

You already depend on Tuscany Builders for remodeling, renovation, and new build construction services, and you can trust our expertise in the real estate field as well. Help us help you sell or buy your dream home. We’ll search until we find the perfect property for you, the one designed to fulfill your wish list and become your sanctuary.

Call Tuscany Builders today to schedule a consultation, and learn more about our resume of success in the Utah real property market.
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