All site work begins at ground level. Your Utah construction project, whether for a residential or commercial building, requires expert excavation and grading services. Tuscany Builders is proud to say we’re skilled at all aspects of this stage of construction, whether you need the entire plot cleared or only the final grading completed.

The Starting Point

If excavation isn’t managed correctly, the entire project will suffer. Homes and buildings must be constructed on plots that are architecturally sound. Otherwise, a host of issues can develop over time.

Tuscany Builders is fully outfitted with the equipment needed to remove large stumps, dig trenches, stabilize soil, and more. Whether you are renovating a home, building a retaining wall, starting a new commercial project, or simply digging a swimming pool, we are the excavation contractor to depend on. Whatever your project calls for, we provide.
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Rely on Excavation Experience

Due to our wide breadth of experience with excavation, we know affordability is one of the main concerns. Our clients in Northern Utah have been extremely pleased with our work for many reasons, but one in particular is that we stick to the budget.

You can trust that we will complete the project on time as well. Staying within your projected construction timeline saves even more money over the long run.

Tuscany Builders is the team to turn to for all your excavation and grading needs in Fairview, Utah, and the surrounding area. Let us take the lead, and rest assured your foundation is laid for a successful construction project. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Contact us for a free consultation (3)