Custom Home Building

An expert in custom home building focuses first and foremost on a dream: your dream.

At Tuscany Builders, we’re in the business of turning dreams into realities. If you’re ready to invest in a new home, we know you’ve been writing down your ideas and taking mental notes for ages. You’re ready to finally move past the paper stage and start building, and Tuscany Builders is the northern Utah-area custom home builder you are looking for.

Commitment to Excellence

It’s a wise decision to trust the construction of Custom Built Homesyour dream home to an expert in custom home building. A custom home is an investment designed to last many years. You don’t want a contractor who’s late, goes over budget, or delivers shoddy work.

You want a contractor who understands the meaning of trust and has a long track record of success. We recognize the faith you place in our team. You’re investing your money and your hope and expecting us to do the job right. Our promise to you: We always follow through.

From selecting the best materials to personally carrying out all stages of the project ourselves, we tailor your home to your every specification. We oversee every phase, from drawing the blueprints to handing over the keys to your front door.

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Build a Relationship with an Experienced Custom Home Builder

At Tuscany Builders, we don’t just build homes, we build relationships. We’re skilled listeners. When we sit down with you to plan your dream home, we know how much you’re investing in the project. You care, and because of that, we care.

Custom Home UtahA custom home building expert is your partner in the journey toward achieving the vision for your new home here in Utah. We will add every luxury you desire while making sure your basic needs for function and affordability are served as well. We keep the lines of communication open throughout the project so you are consistently informed of the progress we’re making on your home.

From sunset over Utah Lake to daybreak in Salt Lake Valley, we know and love this community and want to help you create a beautiful home here. We have worked tirelessly to establish Tuscany Builders as Utah’s premier custom home building experts, and we have achieved that status for a reason: We don’t settle for anything less than perfection, and you shouldn’t either.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation ― we’re excited to meet you and discuss the details of the custom-built home of your dreams.

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