Custom Home Floor Plans

Custom home floor plans are designed with you in mind. Even better, custom home floor plans are designed by you. At Tuscany Builders, we take the planning stages of your new build seriously because we believe the right floor plan is the key to happiness in your new home. You might be excited to get the first footing poured and see your house start to take shape, but remember — it will only fulfill your dreams if you take the time to craft a smart design, and we can help.

Floor Plan Design Is Critical

You can change paint color easily, but you can’t change your floor plan easily. Once your new home is built, you want to love everything about it, especially a feature as foundational as where everything is located.

Not only will your floor plan dictate the function and flow of activity throughout your home, it will influence natural light infiltration, furniture placement, and the general feel you’ll get every time you walk through the front door. How should you begin customization?

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Our Detailed Process for Custom Home Floor Plans

At Tuscany Builders, we start with your priorities. Are you looking for floor-to-ceiling windows in your living room? Would you like a dramatic waterfall island in the center of your gourmet kitchen? Are you prioritizing a luxurious master suite, complete with soaking tub and walk-in shower?

Every homeowner-to-be has at least one (and usually more) features that they won’t compromise on or even consider leaving out of the design. Which features are on your priority list?

We want to make sure you get everything you’re looking for out of your new build, so we bring our creativity and experience to the drafting table. At Tuscany Builders, we find solutions that exceed your expectations and truly create the custom design that will make you proud to showcase your unique space to friends and family.
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Customize Existing Floor Plans to Create Something New

Is starting with a blank slate too overwhelming? It’s possible to take existing custom home floor plans and make them your own. At Tuscany Builders, we utilize the impeccable designs from many reputable architectural firms and building contractors as a starting point for many of our clients. Take a look:

Taking the Time to Get Your Home Design Right

It’s not about getting it done. It’s about getting it right. We don’t rush our clients through the design and planning process — that’s not the ideal recipe for good craftsmanship. Sound, quality work is founded on thoughtful design, and thought takes time. You can depend on Tuscany Builders for the care and attention your project needs and deserves to be a showpiece, and not just a house, but a home — your home.

Contact us today and set up a consultation with our team. Your custom home floor plan is in good hands at Tuscany Builders of Utah.

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